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Wendy’s A Sandwich for Your Thoughts – Share your experience and grab a Sandwich!

Wendy’s is an American fast-food restaurant chain that was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas. The restaurant’s famous logo of a grinning red-headed girl is the pictorial representation of his fourth daughter. Wendy was his fourth daughter’s nickname. It was founded in the state of Ohio. It is known to be the third-largest fast-food chain in the world with 6000 outlets worldwide and more opening at the current moment. With continuous expansion, Wendy’s likes to know how customers feel about the food or service. Therefore, they take the talktowendys customer survey, which is available. 

Talktowendy’s survey prizes include a coupon for either a BOGO spicy chicken or Dave’s sandwich. It requires a purchase from Wendy’s outlet, and the validity of the coupon is 14 days, and you can only use the coupon once in 30 days. To take the Wendy’s survey, all you need to do is purchase food. Make sure you save your receipt. What you need to do next is to go on the site www.wendyswantstoknow.com. Let’s see more about this Wendy’s sandwich for your thoughts.

A Sandwich for your Thoughts via Wendys Survey

Wendy’s offers a free sandwich to people who complete its survey through this Wendys sandwich for your thoughts concept. When you go to the outlet and buy food, you will get a code in your receipt. This code is then used to access the survey questionnaire on Wendy’s site. After finishing the survey, you will get a coupon to buy a free sandwich. It is complementary for filling the Wendys customer survey. This coupon will be valid for only 14 days after its generation, so you will have to go to the nearest Wendy’s to claim your free sandwich.

More about Wendy’s and their Sandwiches

Wendy’s is all about serving fresh food. Wendy’s motto is to provide great quality food. The standard set by Wendy’s is based on the quality of food they serve. They never use frozen beef; they use fresh produce. They produce from farms and fields that contain no artificial substances. They do not use preservatives and flavorings unnecessarily. They make sure the food cooked is close to how you cook at home.

Wendy’s are honest and transparent about the way they produce and how they use it. They provide all the information on the ingredients they use, the allergens, product sourcing, and nutrition. But the most important thing for them is taste. You can definitely count on them to satisfy all your cravings. They have fresh never frozen beef, all-white meat from chicken, a signature lettuce blend, vine-ripened greenhouse-grown tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, seasonal berries, sweet onion, and a refreshing salad dressing.

How to contact Wendy’s?

Go to the Wendy’s site for details to contact them. You can take their survey to review their food and services. But if you wish to contact customer care, then you can call them directly. There is a contact number provided on their website. In case you are not able to reach them, then you can always leave a message on their site (https://www.wendys.com/contact-us). They have a form in which you will have to fill in the details about the kind of feedback you want to give and your contact information so that they can contact you and assist you with your concerns. You can mention how you would like to be and leave a short message explaining your problem.

Basic rules to take part in the survey

To participate in Wendy’s survey, you need to read the following rules and conditions.

  1. You need to have residential proof. The customer needs to be a resident of either the USA, Canada, or Puerto Rico.
  2. The person should be an adult. No one under 18 is eligible for the survey.
  3. The survey code will be printed on the purchase receipt after you buy food from Wendy’s, which is valid for 7 days.
  4. Once you complete the survey, your coupon is valid for 14 days to get your free food or to claim the cash prize.


What sandwich do you get with Wendy’s survey?

Survey prizes include a coupon for either a BOGO spicy chicken or Dave’s sandwich.

What do you have to buy to get Wendy’s free sandwich?

There is no specific item to mention to get a Wendy’s free sandwich. You can buy any item and with the receipt just participate in the survey. That’s it! you can grab a Wendys free sandwich


Wendy’s has always been a sandwich for thought for quite some time. They have managed to maintain their dominance in the world of food with the best quality products and great service. Dave Thomas’ legacy lives on.

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