Spotify launching Spotify kids to lure kids into its musical honey trap

Spotify sure has been the recent trending music app among the “musicholics.” But to extend its music fraternity, Spotify has launched its new Spotify kids to welcome some cute members in its family.

Spotify launched it’s all the new, ‘Spotify Kids’ today itself in Ireland. It includes around 6000 tracks for the kids, which have been selected very professionally and carefully by the editors of the company to avoid any kind of explicit content.

The kids’ account can be set up by the parents under two distinct category one is, “Audio for Younger kids” that comes along with lullabies, Disney songs, & stories and such to please the young ones. And the other one is “Audio for Older kids,” such as the teens and comes along with pop song playlists and stuff. It also includes albums and singles of popular singers like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Shawn Mendes, etc.

Unlike for the young kids, Audio for older and teen includes explicit content. And the Audio for Younger kids’ option is meant for kids below 10 years and above 3 years. And thus would only include content and soundtracks of the Disney and Nickelodeon and also comes with twelve cute avatars to attract the cute ones from which they can choose as per their wish and choice.

Spotify kids require a Spotify Premium family subscription, which comes at $14.99 per month in Ireland. That’s because the app would filter out any kind of advertisement which may seem explicit and inappropriate for the kids. Also, the kid account would be considered as one of the total six accounts under the Spotify Premium family subscription as per the Company policy.

The app won’t save any other data such as Location history and such except for the data related to the types of songs and playlist preferred by the child. And the parent will be able to delete any kind of content associated with Spotify kid’s account of their child, respectively at any point of time.

And the app will be playing the selected and filtered content organized professionally by the company apart from the various recognition games that include various movie characters and illustrations made by the company which the kids’ can poke for fun with vibrant and colorful background.

According to the Company, “Spotify Kids’ is a personalized world bursting with sound, shape, and color, where our young listeners can begin a lifelong love of music and stories,” said Spotify premium business officer Alex Norström.

The app will be absolutely for both Android and iOS users under Spotify Premium Family subscription. The app has been designed by the company after a long period of research and hard work by the company’s kid content experts.

Currently, the app is under Beta testing trial in Ireland starting from October 30, 2019. But will be rolling out by the company very soon around the globe in the next few months when the Spotify Premium Family Subscription will be available in other countries too.
One thing is for sure, this new app of Spotify is going to be proved as one of the fastest-growing as well as loved by the cute young ones extracting a very big fat revenue for the company at the same.

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