The RAZR returns: Motorola may unveil its Old Rockstar on November 13th launch

Invitations are sent to unveil the old Rockstar RAZR. Motorola invites with the tagline ‘you are going to flip’ hinting to bring back the RAZR foldable phone. Adding fuel to the fire, an animated teaser image of RAZR is released. The image consists of a date 11.13.19 along with a statement ‘An original unlike other’.

By kindling the curiosity of the people out there, Motorola is all set for its launch event on November 13 in Los Angeles. Motorola confirmed that they are working on foldable phone technology early this year. Now gathering the pieces together, it leads to one name which ruled the market in mid-2000’s ‘- RAZR’.

From the moment, Lenovo took over Motorola; they have been looking out for ways to bring back the successful RAZR V3. It was confirmed when the company filed a patent for a foldable phone which had descriptions similar to RAZR.

According to The Wallstreet Journal, sources state that there will be a $1500 exclusive Verizon version. Also, there will be a limited edition which consists of 2,00,000 copies for the US.

RAZR V3 was first launched in the third quarter of 2004 by Motorola, with a striking appearance and thin profile. Marketed as an exclusive fashion phone, RAZR sold over 50 million units by July 2006.

For the next two years, RAZR was in its peak period beating out Samsung and LG. In the four-year-long run, the RAZR V3 model sold more than 130 million units, becoming the best-selling clamshell phone in the world to date.

Rumours about RAZR is always swindling around the world. When questions raised about the patent of foldable phone Motorola VP of Global Product Dan Dery, stated that the company would not pursue the design of having a foldable screen on the outside. Thus, it confirmed that people could expect a foldable phone, much-awaited RAZR.

It is clear that unlike Samsung’s galaxy fold and Huawei’s x mate, the new phone will fold inward. Earlier, there were reports that Motorola will launch its foldable phone in summer of 2019. However, now with the invites for their launch event, the renovated RAZR could hit the market.

Rumours are rolling out that new phone may have a 6.2-inch OLED folding screen as a primary display, which when folded, would become a 600×800-pixel secondary display. In addition, there could be a charger with foldable plugs, a Type-C cable, a USB-to-3.5mm adapter, and a pair of headphones.

According to cnet, the invitation reads that the event will feature special guests and musical performers, as well as “a journey through immersive experiences.”

Recently, leaked images of the said phone were on Weibo. Now, all eyes are looking out for the launch event to Motorola. Even though Samsung and Huawei displayed their phones, now the rumours have already kindled Huawei to delay the launch of x mate.

Inevitably, the launch event on November 13 will be a game-changer. Will Motorola pull out the right cards to rule the market once again?

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