Microsoft revives the “Xbox All-Access” plan: Project Scarlett upgradation option available!

Microsoft is introducing an amazing comeback way where it has planned a wonderful holiday for the gamers. It has come back with the Xbox All Access Program that has revived itself after long, giving the gamers an experience of Xbox console and Game pass ultimate with a monthly installation.

This offer is available for a limited time in the Microsoft stores and is a great deal for all the customers who are unable to invest a huge amount of money in one go. Thereby the sole motto of this offer is to promote the accessibility of the Xbox ecosystem in the very vast and diverse gaming community and make it available to gamers of all types.

The All-access Xbox plan is going to be available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia through Amazon, Clarena, and Telstra. The whole program are financed by Citizen’s bank that has also worked together with Apple for its iPhone up-gradation program. This plan is going to include Xbox one console and the Xbox game pass for a prementioned monthly fee. This whole program is for a time span of 24 months, where the customers are going to have a monthly installation fee and that too, without any interest.

The pricing of the Xbox All Access program varies from one Xbox console inclusion to another. But to be precise, the monthly pricing of the program includes Xbox One S All Digital Edition, which was introduced as a disc-less console in May is $19.99. The second variation is Xbox One X, which has a pricing of $30.99 monthly. The traditional Xbox One S with the disc comes at $22.99, also monthly. The fact that this includes a monthly subscription to Xbox Live Gold online service and Xbox Game passes ultimate makes the deal quite impressive.

And in any case, if the customers are worried about the annual loss that they might be incurring in a period of 24 months after paying monthly, buying this bundle through Xbox All Access is $100 cheaper than buying the console and then paying for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game pass ultimate at the monthly rate. This plan earlier had surfaced the market during August 2018, after which it was taken down, and now after 10 months, the same idea has been brought back, leading to a happy holiday vibe.

If you are a gamer and totally excited about the availability of the Xbox All Access in your respective countries, then here are the dates you must be concerned about. The Xbox All Access is going to be available in Australia on October 29th while it is going to be available in the United Kingdom on November 5th and in the United States on November 18th, 2019.

Project Scarlett is going to surface in the coming year, i.e., 2020, where the upgrade gaming experience that shall be provided to the gamers is already so much in the hype and is talked about to such a great extent. Through this monthly plan, you can upgrade to project Scarlett directly or indirectly. If you are paying for an Xbox All Access plan, which includes Xbox One X, then you shall be able to upgrade to Scarlett Project after you have completed 12 months of your payment. But that would include a signing of a 24-month financing contract for the next generation system before upgradation, the cost of which has not been revealed yet.

And if you have the other, then you can upgrade to the next generation after completing 18 installations and returning the hardware in good working order. In both ways, or should we say in all ways, this is going to be an amazing deal for the gamers for which they are eagerly waiting for!

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