Huawei’s upcoming tablet is rumored to be a look-alike of iPad Pro

The new tablet, which is to be launched by Huawei, is rumored to have similarities in looks with the Apple iPad Pro. According to the latest leaked renders, which were posted by 91Mobiles through Android Central, Huawei’s brand new tablet has undoubtedly the same outlook of iPad Pro.

The biggest and only difference found between Huawei tablet and iPad Pro is found to be their cameras. The new Huawei tablet comes with unique features like less space-consuming hole-punch front camera and dual back camera. This was the second incident when a Chinese origin device was accused of copying Apple products. Earlier, Xiaomi’s new smartwatch had a clear similarity with Apple smart Watches.

Huawei’s new tablet is even rumored to adopt Apple’s “Pro” naming system. According to the serial leaker Evan Blass, the to-be-launched tablet will be called the Huawei MatePad Pro.

The MediaPad “Marx” had already leaked a few weeks ago. Initially, the MediaPad was thought to be the MediaPad M7, which already comes from a line of moderately better quality Huawei Android tablets. However, new leaks suggest that the MediaPad will be marketed as a “MediaPad Pro”. This actually reinforces the similarities of Huawei tablets to Apple’s premium tablet line.

The renders show a magnetic keyboard similar to Apple’s smart keyboard, Folio. But it is still not sure if the keyboard will be included with the set or not. The leaked renders also feature a stylus, attachable to the header part of the tablet. The stylus is similar to the Apple Pencil of iPad Pro, and will probably be a magnetic stylus.

Many sources are pointing out that these renders do not show a fingerprint sensor in the tablet design. Probably Huawei will be using an in-display fingerprint sensor or any type of face authentication technology instead of typical fingerprint sensors at the back of the device.

Updates declare that the tablet will have flagship-class specifications with a Kirin 990 SoC, which is Huawei’s latest and fastest processor. It also has a built-in 5G modem, up to 8GB RAM, up to 256GB storage, and a powerful battery backup. Huawei’s previous tablet, the MediaPad M6, was launched earlier in June 2019.

The leaked renders of the upcoming Huawei tablet show immediate resemblances and will surely be a point of rumor because of its similar looks with Apple iPad Pro’s thin bezels. The Huawei tablet might also evoke high resemblances with the latest Galaxy S6 tablet, as well. This resemblance is especially evident on the camera. Also, the dual-camera setup is a first-hand replica of Samsung’s tablet on close examination. The Huawei tablet also features a longer aspect ratio as opposed to the iPad Pro’s broader screen.

Even though the iPad Pro and the Galaxy Tab S6 are high-end tablets, they still have not solved the issues of front-facing cameras. The space-consuming bezels are a big drawback. On the other hand, the Huawei tablet features a punch-hole camera, which helps to reduce the screen occupancy of those bezels. As a matter of fact, a tiny round on the corner of a large screen is way less annoying than a little rectangle at the centre of the screen.

When considering the other aspects of Huawei’s tablet, it is clear that there is a close replication of Apple iPad Pro. The similarities are more evident in the design of the keyboard and placement of the stylus. According to the latest reports, the MediaPad Pro from Huawei is believed to be ready for launch in the year 2019. But the same question regarding the Huawei’s issue with the US and Huawei Mate 30’s survival without the support of Google’s apps and services remain unsolved.

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