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Wendy’s offering $500 as prize for participants in the Wendy’s survey; How to win??

Wendy’s is one of the popular food chains in America. It is famous for its lunch-dine meal and also a good fast food restaurant. If you dig out its history, the restaurant was found by Mr. Dave Thomson on November 15th, 1969. The restaurant was started in Columbus, Ohio. But then, on January 29th of 2006, it’s headquarters was shifted to Dublin, Ohio.

The participants will have to satisfy all the requirements and follow the correct rules. After they genuinely and successfully complete Wendy’s survey, they will be able to win many prizes. That is, Wendy’s offers the lucky customers $500 cash prize, and all the participants also will be able to avail of many gift coupons in which they will get free food, discounts, and more on next visit.

When actually Wendys offers $500 prize?

The visited customers who participate in the survey will be able to win prizes at the end of the survey. That is, they collect personal information like name, address, and contact number from the participating customers in survey and give them Wendy’s sweepstakes entry. They select the person through the lucky draw.

So, if they find your name in the lucky draw, they will offer you many prizes. You will have a chance to win $500. Regardless of sweepstakes entry, every participant will get gift coupons to have a free meal or discounts on next visit. The $500 winner will be announced after the selection within 30 to 60 days. They will be informed about it personally. So, after then, winners can claim their cash prize.

How to win 500$ prize with Wendy’s Survey?

There are two ways to take part in Wendys survey which is through Online and Offline. Check out the detailed steps below to know how to win $500 through Wendys Survey.

Online survey method

  1. To participate in the online survey, the customers importantly need either a laptop or a personal computer or a mobile phone. And also, they must have a good Internet connection and enough time as the online survey will take about fifteen minutes. 
  2. Firstly, the customer must have the receipt provided by Wendy’s restaurant when they visited the restaurant earlier. Also, the customers must know any of the mentioned languaged through which they can take the survey. That is, English or Spanish or French. 
  3. The customer must visit the official survey website of Wendy’s restaurant ( Then in order to participate in Wendy’s survey, the customer will be asked to enter the restaurant number in the receipt of their last visit. And also the exact time and date of their visit. 
  4. Then, after the above step, the customer will be asked to answer a set of questions. These questions will generally be about your experience on visiting Wendy’s restaurant. Like, how was the service, and which was the best food, what did you like about the restaurant the most? 
  5. Lastly, you will be asked to fill your personal details like your name, address, and contact number thus, if you win in the lucky $500 or coupons or any other. You will be informed about it after 30 days and within 60 days.

Offline survey method

  1. For taking the offline Wendy’s survey, you do not need the above requirements. The only requirement is you should have experienced the food and service in Wendy’s restaurant. 
  2. Firstly, you need a white paper of the specified size in the rules of Wendy’s survey website and an envelope to send the letter through the post. 
  3. Fill the white paper about the experience of you having a meal or any food in the Wendy’s restaurant with a neat and legible handwriting
  4. Then, fold it and place it inside the envelope. And write your name, address, contact number, and email at the top of the envelope. 
  5. Finally, post it to the address of Wendy’s headquarters. So, if you win in the lucky draw, you will obviously be informed within 60 days using the details you have sent. 

Wendys $500 prize Claiming Process

The customers have to first visit the restaurant in order to take part in Wendy’s survey. So, they have to decide on what method they are going to opt for. Whether online or offline method based on the requirements. After collecting the requirements, they can do the survey. In both, the common thing is you have to share your experience with Wendy’s restaurant. The online survey will be about your last visit to the restaurant.

By following the above-detailed steps, you will be able to complete Wendy’s survey successfully. Importantly, you have to answer the survey sincerely and honestly. And the winner will be selected based on the lucky draw. The winner will be announced within 30 to 60 days and will be informed about them winning through the personal information provided during the survey. Then, he/she can get the $500 prize and many more such as the gift coupons where they can avail free food.


1. If not $500 cash prize, what can I win?

Lucky customers can win a $500 cash prize after participating in Wendy’s survey. Moreover, you have the chance to win gift coupons through which you can avail of free food and more.

2. What is the time period a receipt is valid for participating in the survey?

The receipt from your last purchase has the survey code using which you can participate in Wendy’s survey. The receipt with the code is valid for 14 days. So you have to take part in the survey within 14 days.

3. What is the age limit for participating in the Wendy’s survey?

The age limit for participating in Wendy’s survey is 18 or above 18 years of age. The persons who are below 18 are not allowed to take part in the survey as per Wendy’s norms.

4. What are the requirements to participate in the online survey?

You need a computer or laptop or a mobile phone and a strong Internet connection. You also need to free up your time upto 15 minutes to complete the Wendy’s survey. And you need a valid receipt too.

5. What is the prize of Wendy’s sweepstakes?

The prize provided is free gift coupons for sandwich, cheeseburger, frosty, nuggets, and fries. No one leaves empty-handed in this celebration.

Final Words

Wendy’s is a very good restaurant, which conducts surveys to know about the customer’s experience and some feedback or comments about the restaurant. The restaurant cares the most about their customers and strives hard to enhance their food, service, quality, etc. Though, one can participate in the Wendy’s survey and win a lot of prizes like the $500 cash prize, free coupons, free food, and many more.

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