New ‘Bug-fix’ on Google Photos; A boon or a curse for iPhone Users?

As the reports of free unlimited storage, on Google Photos for iPhone users were getting out, Google has announced that the bugs which allowed this free-ride would be fixed soon. The news came out much to the dismay of all the iPhone users who took advantage of this situation.

The reports about iOS users getting unlimited Google Photo storage, that too at a high, un-touched quality, spread out after the launch of new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones from Google. The new models in the Google Pixel range will not have unlimited, original quality uploads to Google Photos for free, unlike the previous ones in the range.

Google Photos allows, storing high-quality images for free, up to 15 GB. For upgraded storage space, users have to go for a premium subscription, which is a paid service. Any documents or images uploaded in the Google account count towards the total storage space. It means Google services such as Drive and Document too come under this.

The iOS users were able to store original sized images in the Google Photos, without using up much storage space through the revealed ‘bug’. iPhones have HEIC format for photos, which are more compressible in comparison with normal JPG or JPEG files. So, when uploading these compressed files on Google Photos, their sizes will technically fall under the limited storage space, 16MB per file.

This ‘bug’ is said to be fixed up soon, sad news for iPhone users. The flaw in Google, which gave free and unlimited days of access for iPhone users, is coming to an end soon. The tech giants have not yet revealed when and how they are going to fix this bug.

If they intend to make it mandatory for all the Google Photos users to convert the files in JPG format to upload them on the cloud, it will be a big turn-off for iOS users. Since this will cause the loss of quality of photos taken on the iPhone, that obviously won’t be much appreciated, because it is one of the attractions for iPhones.

To sum up, these reports are going to be a heart-breaker for all the iOS users. The service they had been utilizing will get out of reach after Google fix the bugs on Photos. The new updates will not be iOS-friendly in terms of storage issues, or they will have to upgrade to a premium subscription.

All iOS users will probably have to upgrade to premium after Google patches up this format loop-hole, to retain their quality image files. This wouldn’t affect other users, and the free storage space limit will most probably continue to remain as 15 GB and size limit 16MB. Google’s bug fix is surely going to be a curse for iOS users according to online sources, for they would not be able to enjoy Photo cloud uploading services for free of charge.

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