Facebook to offer dedicated News tab with the help of some top News firms

Generally we all use Facebook to communicate, make new friends, upload videos, photos and a lot more. We may also search or look for some useful videos or posts on Facebook. To simplify that search, Facebook is now launching exclusive news tab. You will soon see this tab in your account. It was initiated because, Facebook want’s its users to be updated with the latest news on the socializing platform.

News Corp has worked to let Facebook display the news in its exclusive news section from different outlets.

According to Wall Street Journal reports, Facebook discussed about some important things including licensing fees and other with the news outlets like WSJ, The Washington Post, Business Insider, The New York Post, and BuzzFeed News. It also worked out and finalized the payment details. As per Wall Street Journal, the news would cost respectively and it will not be free to display in the Facebook’s news section.

Earlier, Wall Street Journal made a deal with the Apple company for providing news in its news feed of Apple News+. This was only the case with WSJ and all other firms mentioned above were not involved in this deal with Apple News.

As per the reports from WSJ insider, there are approximately 200 news firms involved in this news feed. However, all of them would not be a paid service. With no doubt, the top news outlets will be paid. For providing news stories to Facebook news tab, these top firms could get million dollars yearly.

Coming to the news tab on Facebook, different algorithms and human editors are combinely involved in publishing news to Facebook daily, according to WSJ. There will be editorial team who creates and edits some selected headlines and remaining would be taken care by the algorithms. There will be a “Top News” section which would contain upto 10 headlines and all those will be picked by human editors only. Besides, there will be some other sections like Entertainment, Sports, and also the “suggested for you” subsection. The details for these subsections will be chosen by algorithms and not the human editors.

Another good news is there won’t be any involvement of advertisements in this news section. To bring this news section Facebook involved big firms by spending a huge amount of money. This dedicated news tab is expected to launch by the end of this month.

This decision to launch the dedicated news tab in Facebook is not taken spontaneously. Previously, CEO Zuckerberg stated that he was planning to add a news section for its users on its application as well as site. Earlier in April, he stated that providing users the trustworthy information is an important task for him at present. And so it is going to start this dedicated news section on its portal an app. Also, he want to give solutions for journalists that would be helpful for them in their work.

Mark Zuckerberg also says that users would prefer the watch the news in high-quality. However, he is excited to involve the WSJ journalism and other top firms in Facebook’s News section.

Based on the past news, we can say that Facebook experienced many troubles for spreading the incorrect information on its platform. It became big issue because many people are taking this Facebook as a platform for news and latest information. With this launch of separate News tab, it might get rid of all those issues and could even become a rival for Apple News Plus that was launched in March.

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