Disney Plus 3.5 hour duration trailer showed all the movies it tweeted

As a Disney fan you might already know about the release of Disney Plus. Disney Plus is nothing but a streaming service offered by Disney just like the Netflix. Now coming to the news, Disney posted a tweet with 600+ titles. Those are the titles that Disney is going to stream on its Disney Plus. On seeing this tweet all the people on social media went into chaos.

In the part of promoting its streaming service, Disney released a video on YouTube which longs for 3.5 hours and it contains the list of each and every movie title. Also, you can see a 15 sec clip that appears on Disney+ streaming service. This trailer seems likes the Netflix’s monthly video which displays the list of new shows or additions. But this Disney Plus trailer is longer that is of 3 hours and 28 minutes duration.

From lesser-known treats to highest grossing blockbusters of Disney, the video shows the montage of every movie that made the people on social media say “this is not a real movie.”

The Barefoot Executive is a superb and real movie at that time. But people don’t remember what Disney has done before 1989 because it gained popularity with the release of The Little Mermaid. Most of the people remembered the Beauty and Beast, The Lion King, and Toy Story movies from Disney but only a few remember The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin, Sammy and The Way-Out Seal.

So, Disney is now going to bring all its hidden blockbusters for the people to see and remember those golden days.

People are scratching heads on seeing all the tweets from Disney with 600+ titles that why some titles are left behind in trailers and tweets. Some gems like Skyhigh, Up, Enchanted, Tarzan, Truly, The Avengers, Deeply (1990), Madly, All that Jazz (1979) are not included in the titles. Also, people are in dilemma about why Disney left the Maleficent fairy with out including it in the list while the sequel of Maleficent is released.

Not only that, there is a sad news for Miyazaki fans as well. Studio Ghibli has strict copyrights which is well known for all the Ghibli lovers. Disney acquired the distribution rights to these Studio Ghibli films worldwide. But surprisingly there is no single movie from Studio Ghibli included in the list of titles that are going to stream on Disney Plus.

Disney is going to launch this Disney+ streaming service on 12 November 2019. It will be available for $69.99 for a year or you can also take for $6.99 a month. If you have taken yearly plan, it will be $5.83 per month. Disney also offered users a ‘Founders Circle’ deal with which they can buy a subscription for three-years at $169.99.

Along with the shows that Disney listed, it also announced some originals which are expected to arrive next month with Marvel and Star Wars properties.

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